Architectural Commission

ARCOM Calendar 2024

Any change to the EXTERIOR of a residence must first have Architectural Commission approval.  This includes but is not limited to additions and alterations to the residence, shutters, fences, change in exterior paint color or color of roof tile, any replacement or change in landscaping or seawall.  The Architectural Commission meets the second Thursday of each month at 10:00 a.m. at Town Hall. Should you need further assistance or are in doubt as to whether approval is necessary prior to starting on any work, please contact Zoning Administrator Alice Everard at 561-383-2544 or aeverard [at]

Your Architectural Commissioners are:

  • Chair Stewart Satter, Seat 1 - Expires : March 2026
  • Vice Chair Ken Ray, Seat 4 - Expires : March 2025
  • Kristin Rosen, Seat 2 - Expires : March 2025
  • Hank Siemon, Seat 3 - Expires : March 2026
  • Niki Peterson, Seat 5 - Expires : March 2026

1st Alternate Russel Bernard - Expires : March 2026
2nd Alternate Steven Locante - Expires : March 2025