Water Plant Operations

Water Treatment Plant Facility Sign

Several years ago the Town was faced with having to improve the water treatment facilities in order to comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act's "Disinfection By-products Rule" and to sustain future growth. After consideration of multiple water sources and treatment alternatives, it was determined that the Town’s best short and long term needs would be satisfied by developing a new raw water supply from the Floridan Aquifer and constructing a Reverse Osmosis (RO) water treatment facility. 

The reverse osmosis portion of our system has been online since May of 2006. Drilling of our second Floridan Aquifer well began in the summer of 2009 and was completed in 2010. It has been in service since early 2011.

We blend the permeated water with filtered and chloraminated (chlorine and ammonia) water from our surficial wells. The filtered water returns some calcium hardness and trace minerals to the water. Reverse osmosis water alone tends to be on the corrosive side, and blending the permeated water with the filtered surficial water allows us to produce water that is non-corrosive and palatable, yet free of undesirable amounts of contaminants.

The plant is capable of producing over two million gallons of water per day. In 2009, all four of our hydropneumatic tanks were replaced with new units. We have refurbished our 300,000-gallon steel ground storage tank.

Your water plant is staffed seven days a week by state licensed operators who constantly strive to keep your water well within the standards that the EPA prescribes. Please take a look at our latest water quality report located on this website.  

See below for the 2022 Water Quality Report, please contact Ashley Watson @ 561-383-2543 or via email at awatson [at] manalapan.org for a copy of previous years'.


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