Water Plant History



The original water supply system serving the Town was privately constructed around 1932 by the late Harold S. Vanderbilt consisting of eight 6-inch shallow supply wells  and three 500 gpm (gallons per minute) pumps. In 1957, Mr. Vanderbilt donated the property and equipment to the Town. During the late 1950’s the Town conducted an extensive groundwater survey in the area west of the water plant and determined that a supply of  low iron content groundwater existed.  Subsequently a 4-inch test well was drilled and later an 8-inch production well was developed.  In addition, a 300,000-gallon storage tank and other facilities were constructed.

In 1962, a second 8-inch well was constructed west of the plant site and in 1970, Well No. 4 was drilled on the plant site. The existing water treatment facility was constructed and completed in 1982.  Two more wells were constructed in 1983 and 1988 respectively. 

In late 1997 and early 1998, the Town updated the System’s main electrical control panel, monitoring system and control systems.  The work included a new main control panel, SCADA computer, and telemetry system.  The telemetry system encompassed the Island Repump Station, the single lift station, and all of the remote wells. A new 400,000-gallon concrete water storage tank was built and placed on-line at the water treatment plant site in June of 1999. Construction of major electrical and mechanical modifications at the Island Repump Station were completed in January 2001 and included a new propane powered generator, a fourth high service pump, and major refurbishment of the electrical and control systems. 

New 6-inch water mains were constructed in Hypoluxo Point subdivision in 2001 in conjunction with the Town of Hypoluxo installing a new gravity sewer system.  Another new water main in Hypoluxo was installed in 2008.