Community Programs

The Manalapan Police Department offers many services to its residents in order to fulfill its commitment to provide Excellence Through Service.

For any of these services, use the forms provided (simply click on the service heading) or contact the Manalapan Police Department at 561-585-4030.

Vacation House Checks: This service allows a resident to notify the Police Department when you will be away from your property for a length of time. The police will “keep an extra eye” on your property.  At various times of the day and night, officers will physically walk around your property and check for anything that may be suspicious or may need attention. By submitting the proper form to us, we will know who, if anyone, has permission to be on your property. The request forms can be obtained by calling 561-585-4030.

Construction Site Checks: To better serve the construction community, Manalapan Police Department officers will conduct proactive construction site checks during non-business hours. Construction sites found disturbed will be searched for security purposes and an emergency contact will be notified. In the event the police department is unable to make contact with an emergency contact, the site will be secured to the best ability of the police officers on scene.

Fail-Safe™ Lock Boxes: During times of emergency, you may not be able to open a door for police officers, firefighters, or paramedics. A lock box is a device which stores your keys and allows emergency workers access to your property if necessary. Contact Police Chief Carmen Mattox at 561-383-2550 for more information. 

Extra Duty Detail: There are times when residents and/or businesses have requested to hire an off-duty officer for a specific event. This is to provide police duties beyond the coverage provided for the general public. These officers may be hired to provide extra security, crowd and/or traffic control.  Additional information and an application request are provided.